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African Game Animals In Texas

African Game Animals In Texas. A member of the equidae family, the zebra is recognizable by its distinct black stripes and can be known to be quite aggressive. If there is a lack of fruits, berries, and other plant matter, they may feed on other animals.

Texas Hunting Ranch Whitetail Deer African Game from

A trophy bull can have horns exceeding 32” with a base mass measurement of 8” or more. Located just 1 hour from houston. Zebras can be found in several areas throughout africa and one of the game animals that many hunter seeks when visiting africa.

A Trophy Bull Can Have Horns Exceeding 32” With A Base Mass Measurement Of 8” Or More.

Black bears are smaller than their brown relatives. We put everything not from africa in the exotic game page. As the old saying goes, this species would not be “all cowboy hat and no cattle.”.

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Located Just 1 Hour From Houston.

Most people in africa that are killed by animals, are killed by hippos. The big 5 are the african elephant, white rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard. Others are extremely rare such as alpine ibex, nubian ibex, and markhor.

We Are Located In The Central Texas Area And Specialize In The Live Capture And Transport Of Almost All Exotic Big Game Species As Well As The Sale And Trade Of Exotic Game To Hunting Ranches And Game Preserves All Around Texas And Beyond.

Think of just about any african game animal from an addax to a zebra and we have it here on our ranch. Our taxidermy mounting services include big game african animals, north american animals, and european exotic animal taxidermy. Many of our products are designed using a variety of authentic african hides including african burchelli zebra, blue wildebeest, blesbok, gemsbok, hartebeest, impala, kudu and springbok that create one of a kind designs.

The Bulls Are Black With Beautiful White And Black Faces.

If you’ve ever hunted whitetail deer, you’re in for a serious treat with an exotic hunt experience. Whitetail deer are very abundant in the texas hill country. This is what people invision when they think of africa — the cape buffalo.

If You’re Seeking Out Exotic African Game Or Any Trophy Hunt For That Matter, Montgomery.

Have the distinctive whitetail on the underside of their tail. Please check back often for current game animals for live sale as well as other info! A member of the equidae family, the zebra is recognizable by its distinct black stripes and can be known to be quite aggressive.

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